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Tyrenna Dione

Children's Literature

Tyrenna Dione is a children’s book author and poet who has nourished a passion for the written word throughout her life. From a very young age, she was the proverbial bookworm who would spend her days at a library. It is this same love of books that has guided her into her career as a writer.

In her own writing, Tyrenna strives to craft stories that house relatable characters with whom her readers can feel a true kinship.

Born and raised in Central Massachusetts, Tyrenna would go on to earn her degree in accounting. She has used this degree to forge her own career path, which has also served to inform and shape her writing in new and surprising ways.

In her free time, you can find Tyrenna walking her dog, tending to her plants, and continuing to visit the libraries and museums that were the mainstay of her childhood.

Tyrenna Dione
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