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Lisa J


Award-winning artist, Lisa J lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her family and animals. A lover of nature and photography as well, she has made her hyperrealism work, a passion.

Colored pencils galore in this artist’s studio, with work that varies from comic art, fantastical illustration and work that looks as though it was a photograph, the hyperrealistic art!

Lisa J prides herself on being a “self-made” artist that has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil. Growing up without much, and only taking art classes that public schools offered - she has made it her mission to become an artist from tireless practice since she was a child, on her own. Overcoming a traumatic childhood, her passion has always been in books for children, to encourage, motivate and inspire them to be all they can be, regardless. Hoping to transition into an Author/Illustrator role one day, she doesn’t see anything but blue skies ahead with many stories to share.

Lisa J
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