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10 Book-Centric Etsy Finds for the Intrepid Reader

10 Book-Centric Etsy Finds for the Intrepid Reader

Readers of the world, unite! All of us intrepid readers have one thing in common - we live for books! And there are sellers throughout Etsy who have creative treasures with us in mind! And that's what we're going to look at today - 10 awesome Etsy finds that are all about books and reading.

These are in no particular order - but I have included prices and sellers, in case you want to check out their other products. It's a great way to support small businesses and creatives, while at the same time getting products that feed our inner bookworms.

So, without any further ado, let's get into these amazing Etsy finds.

10 Etsy Finds That Will Excite Your Inner Bookworm

Reading Passport
Source: Etsy

From: WildIrisCo


This reading passport is a rather poetic way to keep track of your favorite reads - after all, reading is somewhat akin to traveling, is it not? Every page has space for the title, author, genre, location, and when you start and finish each read. Then, take personal notes on the page, where you can look back to remember your many adventures.

Some even take this up a notch by purposefully filling each page with a book from a different country -- an interesting challenge for any reader!


If you're an avid reader -- and, if you're reading this, you probably are -- then having your own personalized bookmark makes the reading experience even more special. This Etsy seller offers a great product, with a leather bookmark that is stamped with your name or another personal touch, and in a color of your choosing.


These can be great to exchange with other, book-loving friends - share your reading list and how you rate each one and see what others would recommend.

$16.99 / $18.99 with initials

Page holders are a great way to never lose your spot. And this handcrafted page holder is an absolute gem. Choose the wood stain you want and even have it carved with your personal initials for a small extra fee.

From the Library of Stamp
Source: Etsy


We all have those favorites in our personal library -- those that we read again and again or that hold special memories from our childhood. And while we can simply write our name inside, this stamp takes it up a notch. With your name and a scrolling font saying that the book belongs to you, this stamp is a great tool for any avid reader. Make sure any books you lend out are clearly marked as yours.

From: TangyMoon


The best kind of blind date, in my humble opinion. Select the genre you want to receive and this Etsy seller will use their similar love of books to curate your next read for you. While there are many sellers doing this book blind date, I love how this one packages it so nicely in vintage-style wrapping that makes it a true gift - and don't we all deserve to get something pretty in the mail?

Reading Girl Bookend
Source: Etsy


Show off your books in style with this truly unique and beautiful work of art. Truly, this bookend speaks to that inner girl inside of me who remembers curling up in the corner and escaping in one of my many book adventures -- perhaps you have similar memories that this piece speaks to. Either way, it's a great way to showcase your favorite books.

And for you guy-booklovers, there's also a Reader Boy version of this bookend that is equally as precious and meaningful.

Starting at $49.00

Show off your personal book collection in style with this bookshelf. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your needs -- all with decorative carved panelling that complements any space. Whether you want a small one-shelf bookshelf that will hold your most precious books or a larger, full-size where you can showcase your favorite reads and knick-knacks alike -- this seller has some good options.

Starting at $28.99

This curated box is full of carefully chosen items specifically designed for book lovers. From a surprise book (you choose the genre) and gifts that are tailored to you. It could be a candle, snacks, or something else personal to you and the book you receive. The exact contents of your box will depend on the personal details you share and the price level you choose.

book list scratch-off
Source: Etsy

Starting at $15.50

Want a fun a way to decide your next read? This might be it -- pick the genres you want and this seller will create a scratch off ticket. Scratch you way to your next book recommendation. Choose a more expensive package and they will send you the personally curated books themselves, along with the scratch-off ticket.

This can be a fun way to shake up your reading game and potentially find new titles that you may have otherwise missed.

Another option is to send the seller the list of the books that you want to read (perhaps a summer reading list from schoool). This can be a great way to incentivize your reading and make it more goal-oriented.


So, there you have it - 10 Etsy finds just for us, the unabashed bookworms of the world!

Have you found other book-inspired Etsy products that you love? Drop a line in the comments below! We'd love to hear about them.

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